Change Up Your Workout Routine

You’re on a roll! You’ve been working out for a couple of months and are actually seeing some results. But, well let’s admit it, the workouts can be boring, especially if you do the same routines over and over. It happens to all of us.

Yesterday I did some of the same exercises I’ve done many times before, I just used a stability ball as a way to make the exercise more interesting.  This is a leg raise–really attacks the lower abs–and when you pass a stability ball from your hands to feet without allowing your feet to touch the floor, there’s definitely an added level of difficulty.




Making small changes can keep your workouts fun and keep you working out!

  1. It will keep you from hitting a plateau. Adding variety to your workouts will keep your exercises from becoming ineffective.
  2. It will give your body a chance to repair itself. If you do the same workout each day, you won’t be giving certain muscle groups enough time to heal between each workout, and you increase your chances of being injured.
  3. It will prevent boredom and burnout. If you keep doing the same workout routine each day and your results start dropping, you’re more likely to get bored and give up on your fitness goals.




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