Three Blogging Goals

When I first thought about starting a blog, my goal was to be a resource for my personal training clients. As I’m learning more about what a blog is and how it works, I want goals that can expand my life not just keep it focused on my job.

Don’t get me wrong! I love my job! And as I define my goals, they will overlap what I do in my work, which is all about health and fitness.

What do I want to do? Why did I even think about a blog? The big answer is that I want to write. Before I graduated high school I wrote constantly—short stories, essays, poems. Writing was my release, my escape, my joy. I want that back. I want to write.

Goal 1: Publish three times each week during the next two months.

Because I love my job and my clients, I am energetic and physically active every minute I’m at the gym. It is physically demanding; when I get home I’m tired. I have become addicted to old TV series on NetFlix. This has to stop. Television time is now going to be blogging time.

Goal 2: Read and comment on 3 blogs a day.

Appearance is important to me. I want my blog to reflect who I am as a person and a professional. This means I have to learn more about design and layout and how to put text/videos/photos together.

 Goal 3:  Spend three hours per week experimenting with and implementing different themes, widgets, etc. etc.—all those things that boggle my mind right now.

This will be a good start and help build habits to keep me writing.

I’m glad I kept reading all your posts on bloggingbrading or I would not have taken this step. Thanks.


17 thoughts on “Three Blogging Goals”

  1. Well, I greatly admire your goals. Good for you! I’ve only been blogging for a couple of months (my husband gave me a start-up back in Jan. of this year), and I love it! Mostly, I love having the ability to express myself and my thoughts through writing–I have found it very relaxing, and I watch a lot less T.V. , so I can relate there. Best of all, it allows us to connect with others, with whom we might not have a chance to otherwise ”meet”. I also love your blog lay-out. I have a lot to learn yet and would love to add a side-bar. May I ask if you are on the free version? If so, which layout did you use/was it easy to add the bar? Meanwhile, have a great night!


    1. Hi Sue. Thanks for your input. I am using the free WP version and am using “twenty sixteen” layout. When I was editing a post, the suggestion came as a “pop-up” to use this theme. I feel like I’m on a scavenger hunt when I want to do something on WP. I often get lost on the site and didn’t leave enough breadcrumbs. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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  2. Hello. I found you through our mutual class #bloggingbranding. I love the clean look of your theme and how specific you are with your goals. Off to read some of your other posts now, but not without wishing you all success as you move forward.


    1. Thanks for finding me. I checked out your blog and am blown away with your recipes. Your site is quite amazing–beautiful photos lots to look at. On seeing your blog, I’m surprised you are taking the blogging classes. Your blog is professional!!!

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      1. Oh wow, you just made my entire day. Thank you so much! I’ve been blogging off and on for several years, but never had the time to take classes. I want to get this one right, so I’m making the time to learn. : )

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  3. It’s great to have goals and to have something to aim for. Don’t be surprised though if they change as you get more and more into the daily routine of blogging. You may find it actually becomes addictive! Good luck and enjoy it all 🙂


    1. I appreciate your commenting. My goals are already changing, and I’m delighted. I haven’t written in decades with the exception of academic writing. I love the way you write. I feel like you are talking just to me.

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  4. Aloha, JB, I too love to write and mostly wrote academic and professional articles before I started my blog with my sister about 3 years ago. My first career was as an HR executive and Organizational Consultant so I focused primarily on leadership, teamwork, compensation design and all that other stuff that is research based in my writing. It has been a learning process for me to just write and publish without overdoing the research. I still think it’s so important to base my blogs on a sound foundation so it takes me longer to get the posts published. My sister and I write the blog together and coordinating the topic, research and shared opinions also take time. I like your goals and wish you great success in the process.

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