“The Three of Us”

We are three amazing women who like to be fit. We met and work out at Snap Fitness in El Centro, CA.  If you saw us, you probably wouldn’t match us up as workout buddies, but we make a great team. The Three of Us

Our ages are 33, 51, and 67 and we have differing levels of strength, flexibility, and endurance. One thing we have in common is our stubbornness. Things can get very interesting! Our goal is to keep each other motivated and committed to at least four workouts a week.

Each of us has one or two little body issues—hip replacement, arthritis, exercise-onset-migraines, bone spurs, sciatica—you get the idea. We modify the exercises to accommodate our bodies.

Last week we started a twelve-week workout program. Here’s our workout for the first three weeks. We do three sets of 12 reps for everything except abs, where we do 20 reps.

Week 1 workoutWe determine the order of our exercises based on the location of equipment in the gym and how crowded it is. We do super-sets rotating through three exercises, unless I can convince my partners to include an interval component—fat chance, but I keep trying.

I like circuit training and abs. Tonette hates circuit training and abs. I like body weight exercises. Both Tonette and Alisha like to lift heavy weights. We compromise.

Share the upcoming three months with us! We’re planning on having some fun. We’ll share our workout and nutrition tips and look forward to hearing about yours.

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    1. So totally agree! The three of us get crazy at the gym sometimes–combining exercises, pushing each other, trying exercises we saw on Instagram. We all enjoy the outdoor activities the most–Tonette bikes and does triathlons, Alisha hikes nearly every weekend, and I bike and jog. Good to hear from you on your workokuts.

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  1. When I was younger I enjoyed weight training so much. The only thing that made me stronger was Tai chi. How is that possible! But it did. I still dream of getting back there some day, to that level of fitness. For now, just getting in a 20 minute walk each day is my goal. I know it seems puny, but it’s my goal, so I’ll work toward it along with you three doing yours, and take inspiration from your camaraderie and persistence.


    1. One of my friends frequently says, “Just keep moving.” That’s really the secret–don’t stop moving. A 20-minute daily walk is a worthy, not puny, goal. I’m so glad you are joining us in our efforts to keep each other working out. There are days when we all need a boost. Keep us posted!

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