Change is coming

Tjb writing gym2oday is the beginning of the new me. Me the writer. Me the chronicler of all things extraordinarily ordinary happening in my life. My stomach is queasy acknowledging that this is me taking a dive into the unknown. This is me being fearless.

Can I do it? Can I observe my life, describe the “event” and –this is the big one—say something? You notice I didn’t say “have something to say.” No more equivocating. I have something to say and will welcome the joy of experimentation and herald my emergence as a writer.

The following pseudo interview with WP

WP:       Your current blog is called “Life Your Life Not Your Age.” Will you be keeping that name?

Me:       That’s a great question, especially to my few, wonderful followers. The new title will be “An Extraordinary Ordinary Life.”

WP:       Does this change in title reflect a change in theme or content?

Me:       There isn’t a one-word answer for that, WP. My life is about health and fitness. I am, after all, a personal trainer. I will continue to share my experiences and expertise in those areas. What will change is the purpose or my blog and my style of writing.

“An Extraordinary Ordinary Life” will be a diary of sorts and a venue for me to develop my writing. Because I practically live in a gym, health and fitness will be reflected in my journaling.

jbwriting cable
Me getting in some writing at the gym


WP:       Will you…

Me:       Let me just interrupt now. One of my goals is to keep my posts short and to post regularly. Plus, my new personal style will require more reflection. So, dear blog followers and readers, I have to get to it! Please stay with me during this period of growth. Share your comments with me. Point out blogs you think will inspire and teach me. I will continue to read your blogs which have lead me here. Thank you.



4 thoughts on “Change is coming”

    1. Thank you so much for asking. I decided to maintain only blog, but I changed the name to “An Extraordinary Ordinary Life.” I think it’s a better representation of what I will be blogging. You are one of the first blogs I started following because I love your title. I have re-invented or renovated my life numerous times–body and mind, and probably will again. I want to be a presence in the renovation of my client’s lives as well. Thank you again.

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      1. Thank you! Your blog will be redirected to your new link correct? I certainly want to keep following you! You are such an inspiration! I thought long and hard about a title and like the idea that I rebuilt my life, body, mind and soul. Body Renovation came to me. I like your new title because what you are doing is “Extraordinary” Have a great week JB!


  1. It seems to be linking. That’s the main reason I decided on just one blog. I couldn’t figure out how to maintain a second one without losing posts or paying, and now that I’ve made the change I know it was the right decision. There are several reasons I started blogging. One of them is that at age 68 I haven’t quite figured out what I want to do next. I like renovating. I look forward to your thoughts.



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