Why am I buying this?


Saturday was my momentous facial makeover at Lancome with my friend, Alisha. When it was over and I looked in the mirror, I admit it, I thought I looked younger and prettier.

Just like when I was a teenager in the drugstore, I succumbed to peer pressure. Alisha, a glamour girl, reviewed each product that “Big John” had applied to my face. “You definitely need this one,  it highlights your bone structure.” And so it went.

“How much is this one?” holding out a 2-ounce jar. “That’s only $250. It will last for months. You’ll only need a dime size amount each night.” “Yes,” I thought, “but that $250 will be gone now, in one instant. For what?” Still, I looked pretty good.

A quick and fleeting picture of the drawer full of makeup products that I rarely use popped up in my head. I wear makeup, I use quality products, and most of the time I think I look pretty good. I don’t need any more stuff.

But I left the counter with a tiny bag and a huge receipt.

When I got home I went through the bag and compared each product to my current stash. I had something comparable to every single purchase. Ugh. Why did I do this?

Yesterday, I returned everything. I was so proud of myself. Yes, I can afford these things, but in the bigger scheme of things, how important are they.

As I write this post, I’m debating whether to transfer this amount to my savings account or make a contribution to our local humane society, my favorite charity. All my basic needs, and then some, are taken care. What a blessing that I can debate this and not whether to buy food, pay rent, or buy my children clothes.  



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