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Writing a blog is much harder than I thought. Not that I expected it to be easy, but I thought I would get better at it faster. When I’ve hit roadblocks in other areas of my life, it has always helped me to get back to basics. So, I’m taking the “Learning the Fundamentals” at the Blogging U for the second time.

My first title was “Live Your Life Not Your Age.” I’m a 68-year-old personal trainer, and my plan was to write about health, fitness and nutrition-especially as they relate to people over age 50. But you know what they say about making a plan. And God (either with upper or lower case, I’m not sure where I stand on that today) is laughing a lot right now. And then there’s that phrase, “a lot.” When I was a college professor, about three lifetimes ago, I would have drawn a big red circle around those words and probably added an even bigger question mark.jbwriting cable

Which brings to my second blogging goal:  to improve my writing. I do not remember writing being this challenging or this time consuming. Admittedly, I haven’t written anything other than academic papers, grants and FaceBook posts for twenty years. I’m educated, articulate and sometimes funny, or so I’ve been told. And I used to think I was a good writer. Blogging should be a no-brainer.

When I realized I wanted to write about something besides health and fitness, I changed the title of my blog to “An Extraordinary Ordinary Life.” I’m not even sure what that means, but when I thought of it…well it felt “right.” Health and fitness will always be a top priority because it is my struggles to live healthy (among other things) that have made me extraordinary, at least that’s what my friends and clients tell me.  How were they defining “extraordinary”? Odd, unusual, unexpected, accomplished? Umm. Have to think about that.

This week’s “Learning the Fundamentals” assignment is to write a tagline. Well, I’m stumped. The tagline is supposed to provide context for the blog’s content. Content–like I have a clue. But here goes:

An Extraordinary Ordinary Life

A woman’s search for meaning by writing about how her adventures with exercise, nutrition and spirituality have changed her life from ordinary to extraordinary.

Comments and suggestions welcome.


5 thoughts on “Tagline exposed. . .”

  1. How about: “How exercise, nutrition, and spirituality changed my life from ordinary to extraordinary” or “Choosing to live an extraordinary life through exercise, nutrition and spirituality” or “A journey to extraordinary living through exercise, nutrition, and spirituality.”

    JB, relax and just enjoy the writing. We’re not judging your writing or you. It’s just fun to read what you’re up to.

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