Who are you, anyway?

My ideal reader–Who are you, anyway?

When I told some friends that I was writing a blog, their first response was, “are you making any money yet?”

“Money?” I thought. “Blogs are for making money?” But I didn’t say that because I figured they must know more about blogging than I did. Heck, almost anyone knows more about blogging than I do. That won’t be the case for long though. In case you haven’t noticed, this “Fundamentals of Blogging Course” is actually paying off. Go figure, huh?

Sadly, but not surprisingly, none of my friends asked to read my blog or even where they could find it. Good thing I’m not counting on them to buy anything!

One of my co-workers asked me if I was going to be published. “Published? Well, I’m publishing posts when I can remember how.” That was the end of that conversation.

JB Tonette Alisha Jaz_3
My workout gal pals: Jasmine, 25; Alisha, 37; me, 68; Tonette, 50. The Fab Four


I’m still no closer to finding my ideal reader, but I know you’re not a shopper or a publisher.

In real life, meaning physical not virtual, who are my friends? If you are my friend, there’s an almost 100% probability that you are fit and healthy or that you want to be. That’s what I do almost all day every day. I am a personal trainer. I work out, and I eat healthy most of the time.

If clubbing is one of your main weekend activities, chances are we’ve never met.

I also do yoga. This is probable is not surprising—fitness and all. But yoga ceased to be merely a physical activity for me several years ago. Yoga is part of my spiritual life now, and, yeah, I have spiritual friends.

Now we’re making progress—a physically healthy, spiritual person who doesn’t live a party lifestyle.

What else? Oh yeah, the age thing. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know age is just a number and old is a state of mind. But I’m 68. While that may not be interesting in and of itself, it is a big attraction for the event called “JB”—that is me. I never intended to be old, but hey, if I’m going to be old, I’m going to be the best old person out here. Old people like me; I inspire them. Young people like me because they think I’m proof that getting old may not suck. For whatever reason, many of my friends think their age or my age or anything about age is important.

Making big strides here: my ideal reader is a healthy, spiritual person who doesn’t party and is mindful of aging.

But enough about me! Who are you! Finding our who you are has got to be the most unexpected benefit of blogging. I had no idea you were there. I’m excited about getting to know you. And if you’ve even read this far—well, I’m not sure we can be friends. Most of my friends have shorter attention spans than I do, and I can read blogs of about 500 words before …








18 thoughts on “Who are you, anyway?”

    1. Hi Gail. Thanks for finding me! I checked you out as well. 25 years as a personal trainer–that’s impressive. Your blog is so sophisticated! I love it, especially when you say you like personal training because you can tell people what to do. Isn’t that the greatest. Now we have to get them all to do it. I am following you and look forward to reading more of your posts.

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  1. What I’ve found is that your readers don’t have to be exactly like you…they just need to respond to one part of you or one thing you have written about. That’s the fun part – discovering that something you have shared has resonated with someone else. It’s both exciting and humbling! Enjoyed your post! BTW – tomorrow is my first day with an actual client (under supervision) as part of my personal trainer program. Wish me luck!

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    1. Good luck! Have fun! You are so right about touching even one aspect of a person. That’s probably one of the most rewarding things about personal training–we definitely impact the lives of our clients. Let me know how you do!


  2. Alas I am not physically fit but I admire your dedication to fitness. It’s your spirit and soul that attracts me to your blog. You don’t moan (much) either! 🤔

    I am a very positive person (most of the time) who tries to help others spiritually which sometimes is a little bit draining. I am however thinking about joining a yoga class so that should give me some brownie points 😀 keep writing and keep being you and rest assured I forgive you for being a fitness freak 😬

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    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’d rather be sought out for my spirit and soul than fitness any day. Despite my whining, which I think is a good thing by the way, I’m a pretty positive person too. But I totally agree with you about how exhausting it is to help others both spiritually and physically.
      I don’t know whether I’m exhausted because I’m just not a naturally nice person and have to work so hard at it or because it’s really tiring. I’ve decided it really doesn’t matter as long as I keep doing it. But, hey, how can I say this–you don’t get brownie points for “thinking” about joining a yoga class (okay maybe 1/2 a point), only for actually doing it. Let me know how it goes.

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    1. My first thought, “You like me? Really? You like me?” OMG! I feel so pathetic, but I don’t care. I like you too. You are having a profound effect on me! Seriously, thank you. I’ll be watching you.

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      1. No please don’t feel pathetic, I get the same feeling when I get kind comments on my posts! I appreciate you checking out my posts too 😊 I love your posts and I’ll definitely be sticking around for what’s to come! 💕

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    1. Yes! That’s what I want to do–write for me. I want to write to sort out the ideas in my head. I’d like to put them in little containers, print out neat little labels, and alphabetize them. That’s probably not going to happen, at least in this lifetime, but if writing can help me get even a little closer–great. However, I have to say, as much as I want to write just for me, having someone else say they enjoy and relate to what I write–well that’s pretty great too. Your comment will keep me going for a while. Thank you.

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  3. As a writer/reader, I’m looking for other writers who can keep my attention (you do), because it’s lonely sitting here at my computer day after day, and I need a break now and then from “finding the right words.” Those writers who keep me coming back have something interesting to say, even if the subject matter is mundane. I get excited when they show up in my feed, especially if what they write about is outside my usual realm of thought, or if their words motivate and inspire me to keep on track with my personal, political and professional goals. Of course, as a foodie, I’m always delighted to find a new recipe that isn’t just one of the current fads being hashed and rehashed on every foodie blog across the web. Homemade chocolate chip coconut ice cream that tastes better than my fave ice cream recipes? Yazzuh. So you can imagine that reading a fitness blog that inspires me, also in my late sixties, to get up and move every couple of hours is a good thing.

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    1. Now that I’m getting past the technical difficulties, at least some of them, I’m able to find and enjoy other blogs. My scope was too narrow when I first started, and I realize that I connect as much or more with posts and blogs with “tags” that aren’t always about fitness and exercise. Like you say, it is the writing style and personality that makes a reader want to stay, not necessarily the topic.
      Your cooking is way beyond my skill level, but you make it sound interesting and doable. I also don’t feel like you’re always talking about food, even though you self-identify as a foodie. I almost forgot this, which will probably interest you, my son is a chef. He went to culinary school in San Diego and studied with Grant Achatz in Chicago. That is not my style of dining or cooking, but it’s pretty fascinating. He and his wife are in Singapore for the next three years (she’s career Navy) and he’s hoping to get some new cooking experiences there. He didn’t get that from me!

      I’m just as surprised to be reading a cooking blog as you are at reading one on fitness. Maybe we can be a positive influence on each other. You are also inspiring me to continue with my blogging and writing.
      So, Kathryn, get up now and do something! Walk, stretch, drink some water. I’ll let you know what’s cooking.

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      1. Ah, a chef in the family. That must make for some interesting–and tasty–meals. I’m a pretty simple cook, actually, trying to make the kitchen at least as much fun as it is work. Thanks for the tips. Yes, walk coming up, as well as water–as soon as I finish my coffee. : )

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