The New and Improved “About Me”

Today’s “Fundamentals of Blogging” is to revise/re-write my blog’s “About.” According to the lesson plan, I needed less of a list and more of a story; more of what the blog is about and not so much about me; more of what I want to accomplish with this blog and not so much about what I’ve already accomplished. 

If you have time would you read my old “About” and let me know if you think I should change it to the new one? (Gotta say I’m pretty impressed with myself for being able to figure out how to create a link to my “about” page. This course is amazing.)

Here’s my new “About”

I blamed my dislike for all things physical on gym suits.  They were baggy and disgustingly ugly. Did I say they were one piece? No one, not even the really pretty girls, looked good in them. I became a professional at devising ways not to “dress out” for PE.

Then I met a guy. He liked to run—all the time. So I started running. I don’t even remember his name. But after he was gone, I kept running. Then I wanted to run better so I started going to the gym and, well one thing lead to another, and I became a fitness junkie. I was obnoxious about it—all I wanted to do was workout, run, swim, bike, play racquetball o! r talk about doing something physical. Like I said obnoxious. Screenshot (22).png

I’ve done a lot of other things—got a Phd, run marathons, raised a remarkable son, had good jobs, lost good jobs, made some good decisions and some seriously bad ones. As a result I’ve  re-invented my life many times. My friends say that I’m an inspiration. I say, “Really?” But I’m still here, and that certainly says something.

That’s what this blog is about—re-inventing life, rising above circumstances and situations, becoming a better person. I’d like to think that what I write about can inspire you, or someone you know, to do things you never thought you could.

Today, at age 68, I’m a personal trainer. Can you believe it! And I’m good at it.  The girl who never went to PE now spends her entire day doing PE. Wow. Can it get any stranger than this?

Parts of my life are great, maybe even better than great. But then there are the other parts. There is always work to do, and I want inspiration. That’s why I need you.

Tell me (in 50 or words or less—just kidding) how did you do it? How did you transform yourself, turn things around, make lemonade—you know what I mean?

Drop me a line.

6 thoughts on “The New and Improved “About Me””

  1. Awesome post, as usual! I so enjoy reading your stuff, you definitely have a way of starting a thought process. As for me? I believe I have been reinventing myself since my first day of Catholic School. To write a clear “about” page is hard. I think I added an extra paragraph telling my readers that I am more than about my age or my job or my accomplishments. You are so right. We are still here, so that has got to say something! Keep up the inspiring messages!

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    1. I appreciate your comment. I checked out your “about.” Wow. We do have a lot in common–I’m just almost 20 years ahead of you. But don’t worry–you’ll make it. After reading it, I’m surprised you said your “descent into your 50’s.” Sounds more like an ascent to me. Looking forward to reading more.


  2. I remember reading your about page when I first found you and almost not getting through the first few paragraphs, which felt more less inspirational and more like a dry list, though I knew I “should” be inspired! By the time I got to the end and discovered you were a personal trainer at 67, I was glad I’d continued reading. So I’ll just say, yes, I LOVE your new version. It flows. It keeps me reading to the end, and even more glad I did. I still get that you’ve been active a long time, that you have a lot to be proud of, but now I see the person and not the resume. Excellent job! The questions at the end are good too, but I won’t take time to answer them now. Another time perhaps. Or you could read my about page! Just kidding.

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  3. Thank you for taking time to give me such a thoughtful and detailed response. You are one of the first blogs that I started following. I almost didn’t follow your blog because it was so beautiful and so well put together. Who knows why I thought that, I mean it’s true, but why should that make any difference. But at least I didn’t listen to myself. Everything you said is so “right on” about what I don’t want to write like–academic writer, technical writer, grant writer. Boring!
    I did go back and re-read your “about.” Obviously, you’re an expert on cooking, but the references to your grandchildren is what made me think I might could cook one of your recipes. Cooking is not really my thing.
    Your blog is really good. Photos, writing, just everything. I can’t thank you enough for helping me out.


  4. Hey JB, thanks for stopping by my blog! I never got a chance to read the previous version, but the new version is awesome. Kept my attention the whole time. I never would’ve guessed your age. Look forward to reading more of your posts!

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