Thought for the day

Life in the desert is amazing—except for the sand. If I don’t dust almost every day, I can write my name on my car, my desk, my bookcases. And tonight, before tucking my adorable Bobbi Cat into bed with me, I had to dust her off too.


5 thoughts on “Thought for the day”

  1. Are you kidding! She thoroughly enjoys rolling around in the dust! This may sound crazy–but what about cats is not crazy, right–she loves being “rolled” by a lint roller. It’s great for me because then I don’t have any cat hair flying around and she’s a happy cat!

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    1. Cats certainly are strange but wonderful. I couldn’t imagine my life with out Luna. She’s my heart. She has a habit of dropping down in front of me when I’m walking. Crazy and I’ve almost stepped on her , but that’s my little girl. As for the cat hair… Well, I’ve had hairier cats than Luna. **snort 😉

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