Thought for the day

In my small town situated on the Mexican border, Mexican food is to die for. However, there are not many healthy food options. Last week a juice bar opened next to my work—well, there are no words to express my excitement. I can’t afford to go everyday, but I am praying that they generate enough business to stay open.


4 thoughts on “Thought for the day”

  1. I love Mexican food, but I see what you mean when you say it’s not so healthy. Juice bars are quite in fashion here in London. I bought a cold press juicer (reminds me of your cold press coffee) and started to make my own juices. Not as often as I planned, must be honest.

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    1. I juice at home also and love my juicer (Breville) so prep and cleanup aren’t too bad. London, huh! Wow! A little more urban and sophisticated than my small desert town of around 50,000 people. Thanks for reply.

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      1. When I finally found a juicer that didn’t take up my whole counter, had fewer than five pieces, was easy to assemble and clean–I enjoyed juicing and did it more often. Good luck finding the right one. It’s worth the effort.

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