Thought for the day

September 1, 2016

One of my clients gave me a “no occasion” gift yesterday. I’m sure she happened upon it while shopping and thought of me, which thrills me no end. I will never use it. I feel guilty as I debate which would be the better/worse choice: re-gift, goodwill, store in a box in the closet, toss. Ugh!


Thought for the day

In my small town situated on the Mexican border, Mexican food is to die for. However, there are not many healthy food options. Last week a juice bar opened next to my work—well, there are no words to express my excitement. I can’t afford to go everyday, but I am praying that they generate enough business to stay open.


Thought for the day

It’s Monday and I’m still working on my weekend “To Do” list. I have to face reality–no matter how hard and fast I go, my “To Do” list is more like my “Wish List.” Next weekend it will be a shorter list! More time to blog.

Thought for the day

Thought for the day: August 27, 2016

As much as I loved Saturdays when I was growing up, I hated that Mom made us do chores and housework before we could go out. Now, I love Saturdays because I can spend as much time as I want doing chores and never go out.

watering can

Thought for the day

August 21, 2016

This is my first “thought for the day.” My goal is to post a thought from my day, not necessarily profound but something that stands out and makes me think. Ideally I can condense this down to 25 words or less. Good luck with that!

The final assignment for the Fundamentals of Blogging course is to create a “feature” or recurring post. I hope I’m not biting off more than I can chew by committing to a daily thought. I should have at least one a day.

Bobbi Cat – Brainstorming partner


As usual, the technical aspect of this assignment has been quite challenging. We’ll see how that goes.

Thank you getting this far with my new project. Any thoughts?


One size fits. . . me

Today I’m wearing a cute pair of NYDJ and a vibrant red tee with candy-striped cuffs. Big deal, you might say!

Au contraire, mon Pierre! It’s  a reminder, and proof, that one of my wildest fantasies has come true! (Look out. Selfie alert.) What is this fantasy, you ask? You won’t believe this, but all the clothes in my closet are the same size and they fit! Now this is not say I’m happy with body. Who is? In fact, reading “I’m On My Fitness Journey”   inspired this post. Thank you Lashes and Lunges.

So yes, I still want to tighten and tone, etc. But really having everything in my closet fit—it’s a dream come true. I never realized it until I began the “wear it or share it” (with a thrift store) project.

For the last ten years, my workday attire has pretty much been a uniform. Black yoga pants and black Nike shirt with “Personal Trainer” emblazoned on the back.( I’m going for professional and classic, not always easy in a gym.)  That’s all I wear. Oh, that didn’t sound good—I don’t mean like commando style or anything.  Sadly, my uniform is also perfectly acceptable attire for running errands. What does this have to do with the cute jeans and tee-shirt you say? Everything.

Red tee and jeans
First time out of the closet in at least 6 months!


I have a closet full of clothes I never wear. My social life is nil. Even if I had a more outgoing life, I live in a small farming community where getting dressed up is, well, not very “up.” In other words, what color boots and plaid cowboy shirt are you wearing tonight?

If I followed the often heard advice to throw it away if you haven’t worn it in a year, I’d be looking at an empty closet.

Then I had an epiphany. Not really, more like a vague memory of an Oprah episode. Reverse the direction of all the hangers. When you wear something, return the item to the closet with the hanger in the correct position. Doesn’t that sound like the smartest thing ever? I’m applying this same principle to clothes that are folded—reverse the order of the pile.

You get it now, right? I am amazed. I have some cute, comfie clothes, some with tags still attached—I’m wearing those first. But the best part of this whole project is that I found out that all my clothes, at least so far, fit. They’re all the same size—no skinny/fat sections.

I owe it all to the uniform! I work at a gym. I work five days a week. Therefore, dear Socrates, I work out five days a week. Maybe that’s not a precise syllogism, but you get the idea. I dreamed of this day. I fantasized about the day I would not have to change clothes five times because something made me look fat or I couldn’t squeeze into it. Oh yeah, baby. Happy dance!

Tomorrow maybe those spectacular beige linen pants with the sage, scooped neck top. Or maybe the brown stripe? So many choices.

PS: Linking the blog that inspired this post is an assignment in the Fundamentals of Blogging course. That course is paying big dividends. I would never have thought of that myself. Even more amazing–I figured out how to do it.