Where have all the bloggers gone?


It’s just not working! First of all, this whole blogging thing is hard, time consuming and frustrating. I thought I would write about health and fitness. Then I realized I wanted to write about other things too. Somewhere along the way I got lost.

What tags to use on my posts? What did I want to write about? How to find other people’s posts? How to use the information in the area that provides tags and categories. Half the time I can’t remember how to get to that page on the blog customizer. This was so frustrating, I wanted to quit.

But, I’m not a quitter. In fact, I’m known for my discipline and perseverance, i.e. graduate degrees, marathons, etc.

At first I didn’t make the connection between my decision to write about something other than fitness with my disillusionment with blogging in general. My whole life is about fitness. Hey, I’m a personal trainer. Yes, there are other things I can write about, and that’s ok. Enter Fundamentals of Blogging.Screenshot (21).png

The course is working! The assignment for today is to find other blogs to follow. I had been wondering where you went. It’s not your fault. I know that now. I just took a detour and never found my way back.

Now, I get it. Click on one of the tags I’ve entered and all the posts with that tag appear on the right side of the page! How simple is that. I have to wonder how I got through grad school.

Voila! There you are! You’re back. Now I just have to remember how I got here. And guess what? I love you. You’re inspiring me. I already have a million, zillion ideas—well maybe not that many—for topics to write about on my blog.

Not only was I over-thinking almost everything, I was making it so black and white. Duh! I can write on anything I want and I don’t have to give up writing on health/fitness/nutrition. All or nothing thinking is a habit I definitely need to break. Best of all, I can find you—great writers, fitness enthusiasts, healthy eaters, and on and on. I am one happy blogger.

How will I tag this post? I’m thinking “blogging,” “fundamentalsofblogging,” “fitness.” “Lost in cyber space”—that’s probably not a tag.

I think I’m going to like blogging after all.


30 thoughts on “Where have all the bloggers gone?”

    1. Kind words. Good to know I’m not the only straggling struggler. I’m enjoying reading your posts as well. I never thought aging would be something I’d be proud of–you know what I mean!


    1. You’re a doll to say that. I’m relieved that you’re sharing that blogging may not have started out easy for you either. Even though it’s in another direction, I feel like the title of your last post, “I’m not ready for this!”

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    1. Thank you for responding. Today’s assignment on the Fundamentals course is to describe our ideal reader and then write a post based on that. I think that ideal reader is me because I can follow my topic and perspective shifts–at least most of the time. That being said, I do love reading other blogs. Wow, there are some interesting people and good writers out there–you among them.

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  1. congratulations on making it past this bump in your virtual road, when it gets hard just remember all the people you have here rooting for you and looking forward to your posts, and all the people who have yet to find your fabulous blog 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much. I never thought doing my homework would be so rewarding. I can hardly wait to do my next assignment–writing a post for my ideal reader. I am certainly having more fun reading everyone’s blogs now that I’ve figured out how to find them. I’ll be reading you.

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  2. I hear you. As a fairly new blogger myself, I’m still not sure how to get these stupid tags showing in my own posts. I mean, I’ve got it right when it comes to adding those tags under the categories , but after I’ve clicked on the tags I’d like to use, I publish the darned thing and I’ve got three categories showing on the post. Sorry, got off on a tangent. I really enjoyed your post and can definitely empathize with your dilemma on what it is that you can write about? Write about anything you like. That’s why I set up two blogs and given myself double the headaches and frustrations. See you around in the blogging world! 🙂

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    1. You’re really going to maintain two blogs? I’m impressed. I thought about that because when I started I thought I wanted to write about health/fitness/exercise because that’s what I do (personal trainer). But then I realized I wanted to write about almost anything but that, so I just changed the name of my blog. Good luck with your blog. And good luck to both of us on figuring it out!

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  3. Had to smile while reading. We’ve all been through it and sometimes still are. But the title of your blog can allow you to write just about anything you choose. So make the ordinary extraordinary and I will definitely be looking forward to future posts!😃

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  4. Even though I made my blog just yesterday, I can already relate.
    I made my first blog few days ago, only to delete it very quickly because I couldn’t find my “niche”.

    And then I realized: yes, I want people to read my blog, but ultimately – if that means I need to write only about the things “inside” my niche, to hell with it. I’m not doing it.

    Do it for yourself and write about whatever you want. Try to stick with your niche, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box. 🙂

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    1. Also wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog. I checked out. Your posts are interesting, well written and personal while still being informative. I enjoyed reading them and am following you. Keep writing.

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  5. Hi, great post! I am modeling my blog to be fitness inspiration and definitely want to navigate these waters as well. I look forward to seeing more of your ideas!


  6. This literally describes what I’m going through right now. Good to know that I’m not the only one who’s been through this..



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